21 marzo, 2023

Reparacion Maquinaria Industrial

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Decanter Centrifuges

The decanter (decanter centrifuge) belongs the continuous sedimentation centrifuges with respect to the eduction of fluids as well as the eduction of solid material.

They are horizontally positioned centrifuges with a solid wall drum (therefore also called solid wall screw centrifuges). The drum is cylindrical-conical, it consists of a longer cylindrical part (the so-called clarifying zone) and of a conical part (the so-called dry zone). The material to be processed is fed via a so-called feed tube into the drum, where, due to the centrifugal force the solid material particles sediment on the drum wall.
In the drum there is a screw conveyor rotating at a different speed, which transports the solid material from the cylindrical clarifying zone, via the conical drying zone, to the outlet openings. The difference in rotational speed determines the retention time in the drum. By changing the rotational speed, the dry content of the discharged solid material can be influenced accordingly.
The solid material is then continuously discharged at the outlet openings.
The purified fluid(s) flow through the drum in the opposite direction and are also continuously discharged freely or, as an alternative, under pressure at the end of the drum.